English That Works at Taptana

When I was asked to join the team at Taptana three years ago I thought I was in for something completeley new. But then I realized that the methods to be used there were similar to those that I had already been using for a long time.

From birth on people learn languages by actually speaking the language and using the items around them as tools to learn. I have applied this method of learning throughout my years of teaching and at Taptana I have been able to put this into practice with children.

The key for success is making the lessons fun for all of the children involved. The classrooms at Taptana are filled with tools, toys, books and every day life items that we can use tu build on the English language. The younger children learn the language through song, dance, art and crafts, and playing with material I bring into the classroom and with the material available in the classroom itself. I use the term classroom loosely, because our classroom is the entire school and the schoolyard.

To prepare the older children for the next step in their education we do use the material commonly used in other schools as well. The focus though, is not just burying their heads into the books but to actually use the language in both spoken and written form. Homework assignments ars also given, but to the extent that the children can work on their own through the material and when questions arise, they can come to me for help. Throughout our lessons and assignments I keep in mind the principle behind the Montessori method. The method really builds on each students´ own ability to act and work independently which prepares them for their future education and life in the adult world.

I have only been a member of the Taptana team for three years now, but I’m really looking forward to the many years ahead.

Scott Wilson